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Yes, I'm a Hypocrite!

Yes, I'm a Hypocrite!



Quite some time ago I wrote a rant about Google apps raping us of our privacy. It’s been quite some time since that post went live (9/2012) on this blog and no one said a word. I actually thought about removing it because it wasn’t a post I was particularly proud of.

This week, I was quite surprised to see a request to moderate a comment on that very same post.

I admit, I delayed approving it. At first I was angry about what the young lady said. But then, I read it a second time and saw her point and clicked the approve button.

First of all, not only am I privacy advocate and a security professional, I am a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution and our right to free speech. Even if that free speech is a comment on my blog where someone calls me a hypocrite. That is the first reason I approved the comment. I will defend any persons right to express their opinion – if they are in fact expressing one.  This young lady was indeed expressing her thoughts and what appears to be anger – something I fully understand too.

Although her comments are somewhat of a rant, if you read through what she’s trying to say, she has a very valid point – I’m a hypocrite.  I complain about violations of privacy and yet I’m everywhere on the Internet. That really is hypocritical.

There was a time when the Snowden disclosure came out that I was pretty silent here and out on the Internet. I was deciding what I was going to do.

Do I totally abandon all my social networks in favor of my coveted privacy rights?

Do I stop sharing any information at all?

Do I close down all my social networks and online accounts that could be surrendering my data?

It was a long and agonizing two weeks!

But finally, I found a place to be with it and stay online without feeling I’ve compromised my own ethics and morals, albeit still remaining a hypocrite.

There is a lot of dis-info online. Whether it’s concerning your privacy, security or any tech subject. If I were to remove myself totally from the Internet, who would teach you? Who would give you information that’s credible, easy to read and understand?  Well, I’m sure there are others but I would hope it would be me.

Sure, I don’t have the kind of readership that has traffic so high I need to upgrade my server. True, I don’t have so many clients that I’ve had to resort to not answering my own emails. But I have thousands of students who depend on me, trust me, and read what I say. I want to continue to provide them, and my loyal readers with the quality information I’ve been providing since the early 1990s.

I’ve stopped posting a lot online, I log out of Google and Facebook now. I have privacy add-ons in my Firefox browser. So I am protecting my privacy to some degree.

And yes, I’ve changed some settings on my phone and disabled certain tracking features. I’m also testing out some privacy apps for Android that I’ll share with you in the future.

So if all that still makes me a hypocrite, I’m guilty as charged.

Who’s with me?