Why Do You Need a Webmaster?

Perhaps you've been fortunate and your web site has never experienced any down time, you've never been hacked and you've never blown up your WordPress installation. If so, then you are very fortunate indeed!

Unfortunately, the majority of the web site owners I work with have experienced some type of difficulty that has gone beyond the skills of their web designer or their own do-it-yourself knowledge.

Here are a few examples of the types of problems a webmaster can handle for you:

  • Your website disappears because the web hosting company shut down.
  • Your website is hacked.
  • Your website is programmed specifically for Microsoft.
  • Your website is programmed specifically for Apple Safari.
  • Your website is not found by search engines.
  • You don't know or are scared to update your blog or WordPress installation.
  • You don't know how to back up or restore your website in case of a loss.
  • You need to add something to your website and since you don't know HTML, PHP, Javascript, or other web programming languages, you don't know where to begin or who to ask.
  • You want to add products or a shop to your site but you or your designer doesn't know how to integrate it to your existing site framework.


You need a webmaster BEFORE the problems occur

Why? Because if your website is hacked, disappears, or blows up in some way, you're going to need a quality backup of everything.

  • Have a backup already? Great! Do you know how to restore? Do you know how to restore the SQL database for a WordPress installation? Do you know if your backup solution will restore it?
  • Do you know how to work in SQL to find and remove hidden hacker code? Would you be able to identify a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack on your HTML pages or in WordPress or Joomla?
  • Have you read and understood your .htaccess file or your PHP.ini file?

Sounds Expensive!

Yes, with some companies it can be expensive. But because Internet Tech Specialists works only with individuals, solopreneurs and small businesses, our pricing is designed to be affordable.


The Basic Webmaster Plan

  • Monthly full backups and restoration services with WordPress updates included.
  • We handle the monthly backup and provide the full restoration should you need it during your plan coverage.
  • We also do your WordPress updates when required so if it breaks your site, we fix it.


Monthly Basic Webmaster Subscription Plan - $99.00 per month
Automatically billed each month

Payment Options


Annual Basic Webmaster Plan - $750.00 per year (best value)
1 year commitment paid in advance

Payment Options


Don't wait until something goes wrong, get peace of mind by signing up for Webmaster Services NOW.

Debbie Mahler
CEO & Tech Specialist

PS. We also have other packages that can fit your individual needs and budget. Please contact me or schedule a free consultation if you are interested in pricing for other plans.