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The Huge Disconnect in Privacy Policies

The Huge Disconnect in Privacy Policies



I owe Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Scott McNealy (Sun Microsystems) a huge apology. Yes, mark it on the calendar, you read that correctly!

A few years ago Zuckerberg, Scmidt and McNealy made statements regarding the death of privacy and I adamantly held my ground that they were wrong. I was the one who was wrong.

McNealy is the most noted one for stating,

“You have zero privacy anyway,”

My problem is that I see privacy and security in everything. I can see things in the most seemingly innocent television programs, news articles, and blog posts. I can’t shut it off because it’s embedded in every fiber of my being. I’ve been doing this far too long.

The other evening I realized there is a huge disconnect in privacy policies that may never be resolved and further hinders any attempt to protect our personal information. It also points to the reason why any government intervention or attempts to protect us will fail miserably.

Privacy policies are written for software applications we download, apps we install, services we use online, and websites we visit. But what about the stuff we share innocently?

Ever fill out a warranty card or register a product online? See any privacy policy related to that? What about that sweepstakes entry you threw into the barrel at the mall? Was there a privacy policy posted? EXACTLY!

After seeing The Colbert Report the other evening, I am issuing a public apology to Zuckerberg, Schmidt, McNealy and any other person who stated that privacy is dead. I am sorry. You were right.

The clip attached here is from that Colbert Report episode. An innocent interview with Journalist Sasha Issenberg from Slate and Author of “The Victory Lab” actually disclosed this huge privacy policy disconnect that even I was not expecting.

To the trained ear, this episode clip is your worst privacy nightmare showing you just how far our privacy has been compromised. It also adds new meaning to my previous guest post on Savvy Marketers: What You Need to Know About Big Data

The clip below may need to be watched twice. Once to get over the shock and horror of the shame-based marketing technique and the second to listen for the clues where your privacy has been compromised.

Let me know what you think.