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The $1,500 Question of the Month

The $1,500 Question of the Month








I’ve had numerous inquiries over the past month about my basic SEO service that required me to answer 3 of them the EXACT way.


I’m sorry. I cannot help you.


My basic SEO service is priced at $500, which is a one-time fee. So why have I walked away from $1,500 this month?

The business owners were using the free WordPress site for their business websites.

First of all, what confuses me about these folks is that they are willing to spend $500 to get optimized and found in the search engines, but they are not willing to take their business seriously enough to invest around $109.00 per year in basic hosting*?

And if I offended you by saying that you weren’t taking your business seriously enough to invest in reliable hosting, I’m sorry. But here’s why I say that.

Free hosting accounts has become synonymous with “fly-by-night” businesses and scammers. Do you want your business viewed that way by a potential customer?

Free also means you have no ‘skin in the game’ as the saying goes. Nothing invested. So what free tells me is that you don’t have the confidence that your business will be there long enough to make it worth the year hosting fee. So why should I have the confidence to buy from you?

Next, there are restrictions on the free sites.

You don’t own your site and it can be removed at their discretion. The free hosting site like WordPress.com, WordPress.org and even Blogger owns your site and design and if you violate any of their terms or someone complains they can just make it disappear.

Now, to fully disclose, any web host can do the same if you violate their terms, but, you have to do a lot to get ousted from your web host. It has to be pretty serious.

You aren’t CNN. One of the arguments I received from a person that I had to turn down was, “Well, they show some pretty serious companies are using their free service!

Those huge companies advertised are not using the free service. Additionally, CNN, TechCrunch, TED and the other major businesses you see advertised on WordPress.com do not need to worry about search engine optimization! They are well known brands with enough traffic to make you cry.

And let’s be serious. If your company was as big as CNN, you wouldn’t be in need of my service and I wouldn’t be having this conversation.

You cannot install plugins. One of the things that makes WordPress so powerful is the plugins. There are several that I need to install to do a basic optimization. Those options are not available to me on a WordPress or Blogger hosted site. And that’s true even if you pay for one of their upgraded accounts.
When’s the last time you found a WordPress.com site via a search engine? Ruling out the huge guys like CNN, TED, and the rest, when is the last time you did a search for a product or service on any search engine and found it was located on WordPress.com?

And an even better question is, if you did find one, did you buy from it?

Enough said?

When you’re ready to take your business to next the level, feel free to contact me. Until then, I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.


*Lunarpages Web Hosting

Image Source: WordPress.com