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Privacy Rape Brought to You By Google!

Privacy Rape Brought to You By Google!




Caution: Contains strong language that might offend you. Well, strong language as much as I’m capable of using it in my posts that is.   

I’ve tried to be tactful in previous posts.  I’ve tried to be clear and concise in my relaying of the facts. I’ve tried to get people to listen.  If this headline or post doesn’t grab your attention, you are beyond hope and don’t bitch to me when your rights are violated!


If you own an Android phone, (but this may also be true on iPhones & Windows too) you know that even if have auto update enabled, when an application changes its terms you have to approve them before you install the upgrade.  Well, this morning I had the little icon at the top of my phone notifying me that some app needed updating. It was Google’s YouTube app for Android.

Now I’m not your ordinary user because yea, I actually read those things! And in this situation, I was so livid – no enraged – that I took pictures of the updated terms with my camera so I could share them with you. (Clicking the graphic will open it up to the larger version in case you can’t read it here.)


YouTube Terms Update on Adroid




Excuse me? Why in the HELL do you need to collect what my camera is viewing??

And even more so, why the HELL do you need to be allowed to take pictures or videos with my phone?? WTF???

Who’s paying you to collect my data? Big Brother? Advertisers? Who Google???







This next one also gets me riled!

YouTube Account Permissions



Now read this one very carefully! And in case you’re visually impaired I’ll type it out for your screen reader:

Allows applications to sign into YouTube using accounts stored on this phone.

Allows applications to see the YouTube username(s) associated with the Google account(s) stored on this phone.

Allows an application to perform operations like adding and removing accounts and deleting……


Note that it doesn’t say Google or YouTube – is says “applications” and “an application.”   Again, WTF????


Why in the hell do I need a fracking Google or YouTube account? Why don’t you just let the applications be me and cut out the middle man?

And just who (or whom) are these applications Google?  Just who am I surrendering all my privacy and rights too??


And if that’s not enough to piss you off, here’s another good one included in the update!

 Allows an application to communicate with Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, cards, and readers.


Near Field Communications Terms



What is Near Field Communication (NFC) you ask?  It’s the chip in the phone that allows you to share stuff between phones by bumping them or putting them together.  It uses radio communication.  (And yes, all you techie geeks reading this, that’s a simple explanation.)

While I’m sure many of you like that cool feature on your phone – my current Android doesn’t have it – I bet you didn’t know that anyone getting in near proximity of your phone can also access your data because the standard for NFC is built on the same RFID standards you’ve read about in other articles on the web. The way thieves can access your credit cards and identity through the RFID chips in credit cards and such.

Am I the only person on this planet that sees the risk in this?





Google, you want my private data? PAY FOR IT!  Buy me my next smart phone – I fancy a Samsung Galaxy III – and pay my Verizon cell phone bill of $165 per month. Then you have the rights and privileges to all my freaking data. Until then, IT’S MINE!

I’ve been putting off learning app programming for a long time. I guess it’s time to learn. I’m going to figure out how to program an app to block this crap.

This is nothing but privacy rape in the first degree. You steal my private information without allowing me to remove the default installed apps in the Android operating system. If I don’t accept your terms of use to update the app, you nag me until I do and you don’t give me the option to decline the upgrade permanently. You bully, harass, and rape people all under the guises of the next best thing in technology.

You profit through raping others too. You sell my data to advertisers and pretend to protect us from legal entities trying to access our data by saying you fight every subpoena you get from law enforcement and government officials.  Here’s a thought. . . . DON’T COLLECT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I am sick of being abused by big corporations like you and the advertisers you supply data to – for a fee.  F#@K YOU GOOGLE! You’ve raped me for the last time!


P.S. To other bloggers and news outlets on the web: You want to steal my content, credit me as the source. I’m sick of your theft too!