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Getting My Head Back in the (Business) Game

Getting My Head Back in the (Business) Game


Instead of just posting something and moving forward as if nothing ever happened, I felt I owed it to all my readers to share the reason I’ve been offline for quite a while.

As you know, I’m not one to publicly share my personal life but I also don’t want you to think I’m not committed to you or my business either.

Starting with the end of November 2013, I’ve had a series of deaths in the family that had continued through February. The most recent two were the death of my children’s father (my ex-husband) and the death of my business coach, Louise Barnes-Johnston.

These last two deaths affected me greatly and just threw me totally off balance.

Now that the fog is clearing, I’m getting my head back in the game of running my business, getting my clients work done, and helping Louise’s clients transition.

Desk full of Paperwork

Mounds of Paperwork

Of course, what doesn’t help is now I’m faced with mounds of paperwork on my desk and spare work table.  (And yes, that’s an actual picture of one of the stacks on my desk!)

Mail is stacked up from throwing it aside, receipts thrown haphazardly on my desk to be entered into Quickbooks sometime soon, and an email inbox that’s exploded with requests yet to complete or respond to.

There have been a lot of lessons learned through the process of dealing with loss. From time-to-time I will be sharing those.


Missed Events

The funeral for my ex-husband was on February 11, which was also The Day We Fight Back. I was signed up to take part in that event so this is the reason why you didn’t see Internet Tech Specialists participating.

Although Louise passed on February 14, I didn’t learn about it until the weekend when I called Sam McArthur in the U.K. in response to an email she had sent. Other than the sending of the monthly newsletter, I don’t know what other events I may have missed.

And of course, you probably noticed that I haven’t been very active on social media either.

Getting Back Down to Business

When I look around me and see the clutter, or look at the overgrown inbox I want to panic. But Louise would have never allowed that. She would have told me to start at the beginning and just start working through the mess. Which is what I’m doing now.

I have decided – as many of Louise’s former clients have decided – that I will honor Louise by finishing the work she started. We have all committed to making our businesses a success in honor of her work with us.

So now it’s back to work fully for me. Which means dealing with the bits of paper, answering the emails, and pushing forward with the secret project Louise and I were working on.


Image source: Debbie Mahler, Samsung Galaxy Note 2