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Carbonite Responds to Our Privacy Question

Carbonite Responds to Our Privacy Question



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As some of you know, Internet Tech Specialists is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Carbonite Backup Services. All that means is that if you buy Carbonite through us, you get extra support. (Contact me if you need more information.) I personally use the service too.

When Edward Snowden broke the news about the NSA spying and the news that followed about the multiple large tech companies involved in Project PRISM, I immediately froze my back-up and stopped using Carbonite.

I’ve heard the arguments. “If you’re not doing anything wrong….” and “It’s for our own protection….” I’m not going to get into a discussion about that here.

My concern is about my civil liberties being violated under the guise of “National Security” and the abuses that have spiraled out of control. But again, that’s still not the point of this post.

Whatever my belief, I feel that the public has a right to know just who’s collecting data and where.

So when I had to contact Carbonite about a partner issue this week, I tacked on a small sentence asking them if they allow a backdoor for the NSA into our data. My students and my clients have been asking!

And I’m happy to say I have their official response with permission to quote them on it.

We want to assure our customers that we do not provide our customer information unless there is a legally binding agreement or subpoena. If you receive an inquiry from a customer pertaining to this or PRISM, please give the following response:
We’ve heard about PRISM from media coverage, but we are not familiar with the program. Carbonite never provides customer data on a voluntary basis; we only do so when required pursuant to a legally binding order or subpoena that we have carefully scrutinized. Tim O, Customer Support

I would not be a true self-professed conspiracy theorist if I didn’t say that there are a couple of issues with this statement.

First, it’s from a customer support person with no full name and not an official statement from the CEO of Carbonite. This, in conspiracy circles is called, “plausible deniability.” The person giving the information is kept in the dark purposely so they cannot be blamed for the disinfo. They can honestly say that what they stated was the truth as they knew it.

Secondly, it is entirely possible that if the government doesn’t want disclosure of just how far they’ve infiltrated our lives, the companies may be prohibited from saying anything else.

So where does that leave us?

It leaves us trusting the company and it’s representative until such time as our trust in all that we hold dear is so totally destroyed that we go back to the dark ages. We’ll all get so distrustful that we’ll stop using social media, stop using online cloud services, stop using anything that’s technology related thus preventing the NSA from collecting squat.

This could present a very real and present danger for Wall Street. No more technology sales would destroy the technology stocks and then our politicians would have no money to bank roll them. Something Wall Street, the politicians, and the NSA need to think about very seriously! If we stop playing, you stop making money. And that you can take to the bank!

You’re thoughts?