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Breaking News: Twitter Scam!

Breaking News: Twitter Scam!


If you are following me on Twitter and watching  my stream, you are aware that I’m involved with a discussion from what I believe is an Identity Thief posing as a government official on Twitter.

His page looks official enough with the exception that he has limited followers and his English is quite poor. But more on that later.


Jose Thomas

(Click to view larger image)











This discussion started when I received this DM message and the alarm bells went off!

Here’s the text of the image below: “congratulation , you have been of our lucky winner for the month and am here to deliver sum of $350,000 to you and i want you to claim it ”  Notice the improper use of English? Earmark of a foreign scam!

Direct Message

(Click for larger Image)









So, I posted a scam alert on Twitter and the guy has the “balls” (excuse my colloquialism) to write back!

Conversation with Jose Thomas

(Click to view larger image)
















So, I said, “Game on” and sent him an email. Here’s what I got back!

Here’s the text:

Alright,you will need to fill a form for security reason and where we
will keep your info so we not going to send the money to Wrong
person,are you ready to fill out the form now?

Full name........
Full Home Address......
Your Age.....
phone Number.......
deaf or hearing.........
what is your bank name
What do you do for living.........
What is your Credit report.........
Do you Own a house or Rent Appt....
How much is your total income........
What is the name of your next of kin....
what job do you do for living......
Do you own a house................

We need all the information and you need to choose a Password that you
will use to unlcuk the money when fed ex bring it in a security box .
when we bring the money to you we will ask for your password as a
secret question to make sure you are the real person, then we give you
the money in cash and you sign paper that you.


And in case you think I’m scamming you myself, here’s the copy of the email in a screen shot!

Twitter scam actual email

(Click to view larger image)

















Now, if this guy is legit – yea and pigs fly – then I am quitting the security business, closing up shop and going to work for McDonald’s!

I know the White House has some real jerks called Politicians in it, but I think they all can spell and use English.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out since I called it to everyone’s attention including the FBI and many of my Twitter Security Friends!