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We all know the ruse. The idiots who think that social media – and Twitter particularly – is all about the high follower count. So they follow you. You follow back. Then they dump you like Carrie on prom night.

You’re clueless. Your follower count starts going down, while your follows stay high and your ratio gets thrown off. Meanwhile, they revel in the fact that they’ve duped another one.

Those of us who value our Twitter relationships and wish to keep our ratios within a reasonable limit so we can follow other valuable new connections have long been plagued by these game playing fakes. I call them the fake followers.

Fake followers are not to be confused with the other type of fake followers who tweet you a message with a porn link making it appear they’re a follower and they know you. Those are just jerks – albeit fake follower jerks.

But I digress.

Well, my dear Twitter friends, our trials and tribulations are over. I have discovered an awesome new tool that has been working for me – and now my clients – for well over a week.

The tool is called Formulists.

When you go to the Formulists website, you click the “Sign in with Twitter” button on the top right of the page. This authenticates your twitter account with the application.

You are sent back to the application where you can view a video on how to use it, or click the large “Add a Formulalists List” bar at the top to get started.

Once you click the Add a list bar, your taken to another page to set up your list.

The most valuable option I’ve found is the 3rd item in the options on the left side – Who just followed or unfollowed me.

Upon clicking that link, you will be able to choose from more options now located in the center portion of the page.  And again, the most value in this list is:  See Who Recently Unfollowed You.

If you choose that option, formulalists sets up a private list (titled, Good-bye) in your Twitter account and tracks people who have recently unfollowed you.

Be sure you have room for one more list because if your list count is at 20, you’re at the limit with Twitter and Formulists cannot create a new one for you.

There are many other cool options for tracking your followers as well as helping you engage them and keep them organized. I haven’t even begun to explore these.

Keep in mind that if you use the free version, you are limited to 2 lists.

If for no other reason than catching the fake followers and beating them at their own game, is worth looking into.


Disclosure: I have no monetary interest in this company, nor am I an affiliate. I receive no compensation for this recommendation. I just found it and think it’s a great application!


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Debbie Mahler

Debbie Mahler is the CEO of Internet Tech Specialists. She’s also an online instructor for Ed2go, a division of Cengage Learning and a global education provider. She teaches Introductory and Advanced PC Security courses for all English-speaking colleges and universities.

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