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Technical Tidbits Blog

News, Reviews & Technical Blues

My Not-So-Epic Post

    As you know, when I return to writing after a long absence, I always like to explain where I’ve been. However,...

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Taking a Stand for Privacy

  Today is Data Privacy Day and as Malcolm X stated, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” So today,...

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About Those Cleanup Files

    Here's a question I received recently from a client whose PC was in need of some serious housekeeping! After we ran...

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NCSAM Resources

    As we're nearing the end of October and the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), I'd like to provide you with...

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Yes, I'm a Hypocrite!

    Quite some time ago I wrote a rant about Google apps raping us of our privacy. It's been quite some time...

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The Sound of Silence

    Did the title suddenly invoke a Simon & Garfunkel tune in your head? The title deals with two specific issues regarding not...

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The Final Word

  When I last wrote about Google Glass not allowing pornography I stated that I would be writing one more in the...

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When Tech Becomes Deadly

        This is a cautionary tale from my own recent experience. We’ve all read about cell phone and laptop batteries in the past...

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