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An Open Letter to Google

An Open Letter to Google





Dear Google,

Since I cannot get a response out of anyone, anywhere on the Internet or your sites/forums/groups/etc…  I’m using my blog to post an open letter to you hoping someone in your massive organization will see this and address my concerns. And don’t even get me started about the fact that there’s no phone number to call for help and forms I filled out to get a call back have gone unanswered.

There are several items I wish to address and if you don’t mind, I’ll divide them into sub-headings.

Google+ Profiles & Pages

Questions I’d like answered:

1. How do you determine who gets the custom URL offer?

2. Hootsuite says that they will allow scheduling of Google+ profiles as soon as Google releases its API.  Why do you wait so long to provide access to your apps and tools? Aren’t you concerned that people will get sick and tired of waiting for you and move on? After all, we’re really sick of Facebook and just begging to find some alternative, but your delays are just moving us to something else. With your BIG, HUGE staff, you can’t speed things up a bit?


Google Analytics

If I might be so bold as to criticize you, your new analytics sucks big time.  I’ve learned my way around it and even managed to duplicate the old report as a test. The problem? There’s no formatting in the customized reports. It appears like a huge blob of statistics and/or charts with no way of sectioning off the data or segmenting the pages in the PDF.  Metrics run together and become blurred in a sea of information.

To your credit, your “real time” analytics are awesome. But tell me, who has time to sit on their Google dashboard and watch the real time changes? Or are you more concerned with the HUGE corporate client than you are us little people?

Now for the questions I’d like answered:

1. Where in the vast storehouses of information at Google, do you put updates of what you changed or altered in Analytics? And please do not tell me that it’s in the groups. Not even your search function can help me find the specifics of what I’m looking for. Or, if you prefer to teach me, how would I search for the answer to this question?

I have a client who has over a million hits per month on their website, and we’re building a custom, automated report for them. When I first tested the raw data, I was able to download all 67000 records for one month into a csv format. When I went back to grab the remaining data, the rules had suddenly changed. Even with your work around and changing the record limit in the URL, suddenly I’m getting only 20000 records. I saw another person mention in the groups that this seems to be a new “norm” even though your work around help article still claims we can do this.  So, again I ask, where do I find the answer to my question about the record limitations for your service?

2. Do you realize that with that limit, and the slowness of your service you are not making it easy for smaller companies to use your service?

3. Do you not like smaller companies? Are you anti-small business?

I became so frustrated by this download issue, I filled out a form to get a call from someone about your paid service for accessing bigger data. Unfortunately, no one has called me back and the only reason I filled out the lousy form was so that I could get a Google employee on the phone and find out if I could get a cheaper version of the access for my needs. But since I can’t call you, no one calls me, and I can’t get my questions answered, I can only assume you’re not interested in small business needs and services – even if we’re willing to pay for them.

I also saw, while logged in to my clients analytics account that I could buy more download access. However, I’m not comfortable hooking up my credit card to their analytics account. So, I looked for information about possibly buying the data access and being able to access their account to use it. But alas, I must not know the keywords for the proper search as my search came up empty.

And don’t think that we users aren’t searching for alternatives now. We are and we’re testing new analytic programs that give us the data we need, the way we need it and not through Google.


Google as a Company

Again to reiterate my question above, do you NOT like small businesses?  I would think that if you cared about small business (my company has 5 staff members and under $150,000 annual sales), you’d do something to make yourself more accessible to us. As I said, we’re willing to pay you too. We just can’t afford what the enterprises can!

There’s an old saying, “He who hesitates is lost.”  Technology is moving rapidly and you’re about to lose.  Facebook, Apple and even Microsoft is going to kick your butt because they are developing faster than you.  And you have a huge company with far more staff than Facebook.  Never underestimate the power of the disgruntled or restless user.

If someone at your ivory tower could find it within the kindness of their heart to contact this lowly peasant, I would be most grateful (and probably stunned).  You can feel free to call my office at 847-458-4245 (note to spammers: it’s a landline and not a cell phone so don’t bother attempting text spam.). But then again, you have that number on some form I submitted on your site.

I anxiously await your follow-up call!

Google Logo Photo Source: http://tech4world.net