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About Those Cleanup Files

About Those Cleanup Files



Here’s a question I received recently from a client whose PC was in need of some serious housekeeping! After we ran the various scans, there was still something that didn’t look quite right to her.


I’m still confused about disc cleanup. Here’s a screenshot of the two items that aren’t marked as being part of the cleanup, but they look suspicious to me!

Questionable Disk Cleanup Files

Should I check them to be cleaned up?


Yes, tick those two checkboxes.

Here’s why:

The temp files are all those temporary files floating around in your computer that have an ending of .tmp or have a beginning with ~ as in Word-type document files ~someletter.doc The files should technically be deleted automatically when you save your files, but as with anything Microsoft (and really, other vendors) they do not. The .tmp files could be installation files from years ago when programs or updates are installed. Those too are supposed to get deleted but often don’t. So, you will never need to use those temp files and they are therefore safe to delete.

The dump files are the files created when your computer crashes and you get that message to send the files to Microsoft or HP or Chrome or Firefox to analyze what happened. The crashes automatically create the dump files whether you decide to send them or not so they never disappear from your system taking up space. These files end with .dmp on the end and are usually found under your Windows folder. So again, you will never need them.

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